10 Top Selling Cars in The United States

It is almost the time of year when people start thinking about purchasing a new car. The newest models have been out for a few months and the reviews are available. Even the dealerships recognize this time of year with the best financing and sales of the whole year. The problem is, with so many cars available on the market, how does someone choose just one?

Here is a list of the top selling cars in the United States to get started:

1.ֲ  Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla

This small car offers all of the features that some of its larger counterparts without the expensive price tag. There is an impressive list of additional features that are available at reasonable prices to take the basic car to the next level.

2.ֲ  Ford F-Series (truck)

Ford F-Series (truck)

These mighty trucks have been a staple of American driving for years, and the new Ford F-150 trucks are the biggest and most powerful trucks on the market. For work or play Americanג€™s need not look further than this all-around perfect truck.

3.ֲ  Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf

We leave it to the Germans to engineer one of Americaג€™s favorite cars. The stylish looks of these cars make it the ultimate affordable luxury. Their hatchback shape offers more storage space and practicality than any other similar-sized cars.

4.ֲ  Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry

This is the big sister of the Corolla, offering more space, engine power and gadgets. With just a small jump up in price, this car offers a huge increase in specs.

5.ֲ  Honda Civic

Honda Civic

This car is in between the size and affordability of the Corolla and the Camry but is a slimmer and sleeker design. The durability of these cars and repair costs are unbeatable in todayג€™s economy.

6.ֲ  Honda Accord

Honda Accord

This is the big brother of the Civic. Offering a little more space, luxury features like leather seats and six cylinder engines, this car is perfect for a small family on the go.

7.ֲ  Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen Passat

The size is not much bigger than the Golf but the looks are much more sophisticated. This car has all of the look and feel of a luxury car at half the price.

8.ֲ  Chevy Impala

Chevy Impala

Once known as the car of Americaג€™s police force, this simply designed car embodies the American philosophy of simple and well-built. In recent years the Impala has had a face lift bringing the ticket price up slightly, but still a steal.

9.ֲ  Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee

This ruggedly built car is a great ride down the highway, across the beach or through the mountains. Its four-wheel drive allows a smooth ride no matter the terrain. The interior might not be as splashy as a four-door sedan but the simplicity of the design makes it one of the bestselling four-wheel drive cars in America.

10.ֲ  Nissan Altima

Nissan Altima

This car is not typically recognized as a top-seller; however, the numbers do not lie. This is a great car for single drivers or small families. The price tag is much lower for all of the features, making the dollar stretch farther.

Although the majority of these cars are not American names, as a country we have adopted these road-runners as the best available. With thousands of cars available on the market, making it to this list is a huge feat. Their durability, price, style and power have given these cars (and truck!) their reputable name at dealerships nationwide.

This article was written by George Beck, who is the primary writer for shop-carinsurance.net, which primarily deals with car insurance rates and quotes.

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