Best Small Hatchback Cars on the Road

One simply cannot beat the small hatchback cars when looking for easy parking, and a great gas mileage. Available in 2 and a 4 door body styles, you will find these hatchbacks having the same footprint as a similarly sized sedan. European market has been dominated for years by Focus, Fiesta and Kia. Now those wonderful small hatchback models are set to raid the markets, especially luring the younger customers. Some of the hatchbacks might be smaller when it comes to size but they make you huge savings on the road. Some of these can be even luxurious while others can be sporty and fun. Your money stays in your wallet instead of making its way in the gas tank. Most people prefer five-door hatchback so as to make for an easy access.

Let us take a look at some of the best small hatchback cars.

Honda Fit

Making news as one of the best small hatchback cars in US, this offers one of the largest space for cargo, with creative interiors and good fuel economy. With more optional features and a stronger engine, an outstanding reliability helps the hatchback to score high.

Ford Fiesta

With comfortable seats and well-made interior, no wonder this model ranks high among the small hatchback cars. The smooth manual transmission and a great handling will win your heart on the roads. Get floored by those high-tech interior features plus good driving dynamics.

Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf; is available in three-door and five-door and has powerful engine. One gets a luxury feel and that entire extra price is worth it.


Fun to drive, what makes Mazda3 one of the best small hatchback cars is its superior performance and a great fuel economy. Get a great performance as well as better gas mileage.

Ford Focus

Ford Focus ranks high got its higher fuel economy ratings and a good cargo space.ֲ  Some might get a little disappointed with the interior tech which is great but some what difficult to use.

Nissan Versa

Another model that makes to the list of small hatchback cars is Nissan Versa, an inexpensive car with spacious interiors and good fuel economy. The engines arenג€™t that powerful and those exteriors might not be flashy, butֲ  is it still a good hatchback.

The above is certainly not the most definitive list of the best small hatchback cars as some more names could get added to the list. Some other names are Audi A3, Fiat 500 , Subaru Impreza, Mini Cooper, and some more.

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